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Alocasia frydek (green velvet alocasia)

Alocasia Frydek: How to Grow the Green Velvet Alocasia

Alocasia frydek (Alocasia micholitziana), also commonly known as the green velvet alocasia, is a relatively rare variety of Alocasia that has skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of years – and it’s easy to see why! While some find alocasias difficult to care for, they can do well as houseplants if a few keyContinue reading “Alocasia Frydek: How to Grow the Green Velvet Alocasia”

Removing scale (a common houseplant pest) from the stem of a Monstera.

Top 5 Common Houseplant Pests: Identification and Control

Like all plants, houseplants are susceptible to the occasional pest infestation. However, unlike plants you grow outdoors, plants grown inside provide a consistently warm and humid environment for pests which means that a minor invasion can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation if it is not caught early. Knowing how to identify and treat someContinue reading “Top 5 Common Houseplant Pests: Identification and Control”



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